On Notice – Concord Closing – Friday, Oct. 25th 8pm

004We are moving out. This will be the final event at Concord. We have invited everyone who has been involved to participate in marking this end. We are dematerializing the space. We are required according to the lease to return the warehouse to its original state. We need to exorcise this space. Reverse it. Catalog + label and delete it. This is not a somber occasion but a celebration, a fantastic moment of completion and evaporation. This is only space. In the last two years we have developed so many relationships with collaborators and guests. So many conversations and bonds that have started here are the true success of our experiment. This must go on.

Join us for our closing, a night of performance, installation, dancing and demolition.

Featuring: Raphael Arar with Wyatt Penn Keush, Tony Banuelos, Christy Roberts Berkowitz, Saehee Cho,  Stephen van Dyck, Stacy Elaine Dacheux with Adrienne Walser, Brigitte Nicole Grice, Henry Hoke, Amy Howden-Chapman, Keith Rocka Knittel, Jos L. Terpsichorean McKain, Tracy Molis, Sarah Petersen, Patrick Rees, Beau Rice, Dennis Rudolph, Robert Seitz, and Kara Stokowski.

DJ Day Glow – xogravedigger and DJ Tobiah

Bring your hard hat and dancing shoes.

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