ENTER>text: in Trances and Exits – June 1st – 8-11pm


Join us, for one night only, as we shine a light on binaries, a light so bright that these binaries begin to warp. New oppositions emerge, new couplings: presence versus abscess, versus abyss, versus obsess. There are ones now, but no zeroes, the zeros look like figure eights.

Doors are open that can’t be closed; they will have to be something else. Our writers are either asleep or in wait, following a compass that only shows North or death. Come along as we navigate this frontier. Let us take you somewhere new.

ENTER>text is a living literary journal, an immersive event where the audience is activated to seek out unique encounters with text throughout the whole of Concord.


Tanzilla Ahmed and Neelanjana Banerjee with Robin Sukhadia and Rachana Sukhadia, Hayden Bennett with Bucky Miller, Lauren Eggert-Crowe, Noah Gersham, Brigitte Nicole Grice, Jen Hofer, Emily Kiernan,  Ani Raya-Flores, Ana Reyes, Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal, Kirsty Singer and Jacqueline Suskin.

created and curated by Henry Hoke and Marco Franco Di Domenico

See documentation from our previous event here.

Photography by Jason Gutierrez


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