Concord Press #1 – Launch – March 15th – 8-11pm

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Concord Press #1 – is now on sale. Please message us if you want one or just come and visit.

Email us:

$20 cash $22 credit

“Oh but now I recall. The Order.”

1 is a dossier, a treasure hunt, and a map. It spins real and fake histories. Archives daydreams. Gathers facts. What did Concord make in its first-odd year? Myths and manifestos. Experiments in living arrangements. Performances on occult practices. Apologies and soap boxes. False-starts. Real talk. And all that else. 1 collects twenty contributions in one large-format publication.

Friday, March 15th, we celebrate the release of 1 with an installation of book objects constructed by the editorial collective and 100 copies of the issue. Offprint experiments, concrete capsules, text messes, and the issue we’re proud to call ours.

Readings and presentations from our contributors throughout the evening including live skype from the north, shadow puppets, and new works.

Featuring: Beau Rice, Eliza Smith, Erin Schneider, Henry Hoke, Jos McKain, Kate Linthicum, Marco Franco Di Domenico Robert Seitz, and Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal.
March 15, 2013
8 – 11 pm

Amelia Box
Antone Konst
Arjuna Neuman
Bar Bar
Beau Rice
Candace Goodrich
Daniel Hockenson
Eliza Smith
GC Erenberg
Henry Hoke
Jon Rutzmoser
Jos McKain
Joshua Segura
Kate Linthicum
Nicholas Smith
Robert Seitz
Sara Diamond
Siobhan Feehan
Marco Franco Di Domenico
Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal
Erin Schneider

Annie Danis
Arjuna Neuman
Clifford Landon Pun
Eirik Schmertmann
Erin Schneider
Marco Franco Di Domenico
Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal

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