ENTER>text: Obsolescence – Nov. 17th – 8pm

If you stop to wonder whether or not you are obsolete, it’s already too late. Stop wondering and start celebrating. We have crossed the threshold; humanity is entering a brave new age: The Age of Obsolescence.

Save the Date – an immersive engagement. A bacchanal in a forest of telephone poles. The animals only pretend to be extinct. Come face-to-face with your intended in a true portable document format. Now that we’re no longer needed, we can explore what it is that we want.

There is no stage, no podium. Guests will seek out their own unique encounters in text. Readers and their work will appear throughout the space, from the gallery and bedrooms to vehicles and secret corners, a living literary journal.


Diana Arterian, Mark S Bernal, Saehee Cho, Sam Cohen, Kestrel Burley, Stacy Elaine Dacheux, Marco Franco DiDomenico, Kate Durbin, Lauren Eggert-Crowe, Emily Kiernan, Daniel Hockenson, Henry Hoke, Bryan Hurt, Amy Howden-Chapman, Michael Molitch-Hou, Lan Pham, Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal, Kirsty Singer, Stephen Van Dyck.

presented by Anno and Ennui


Saturday, November 17th  – 8pm

One night only

This Age doesn’t request your presence; this Age requires it.

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