ENTER>text – Friday, March 23rd – 8pm

Anno & Ennui are pleased to present…

 ENTER>text – an immersive literary event.

There is no stage, no podium. Guests will be activated to explore all 3000 sq. ft. of Concord and seek out their own unique encounters in text. Readers and their work will appear throughout the space, from the gallery and bedrooms to vehicles and secret corners, a living literary journal. 


Rima Añosa, Diana Arterian, Saehee Cho, Sam Cohen, Claire Cronin, Marco DiDomenico, Kate Durbin, Kenyatta A C Hinkle, Daniel Hockenson with Joseph Apolonio Santos, Henry Hoke, Nicholas Katzban, Emily Kiernan, Amanda Montei, Lan Pham, Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal, Allie Rowbottom, Tanya Rubbak, Jon Rutzmoser, Jennifer Styperk with Cherie Detwiler, and Stephen Van Dyck.


March 23rd – 8pm


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