ENTER> text

Concord is pleased to present – ENTER> text – a reading installation.

There is no stage, no podium; this event utilizes the whole of Concord’s 3000 sq. ft. warehouse. Readers will interact and engage with attendees, activating them to explore and seek out unique encounters in text.

You can undergo an array of psychic/textual services in the text spa, immerse yourself in a fruit mediation, or join a seminar for costumed characters at a theme park. Step into one reader’s peep show, take a road trip through a car stereo, and treat yourself to many other spontaneous performances of writing, from experimental novels to personal e-mails.


Diana Arterian, Sam Cohen, Claire Conin, Travis Diehl, Sara Gerot, Emily Kiernan, Arjuna Neuman, Adam Overton, Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal, Tanya Rubbak, Jon Rutzmoser, Mady Schutzman, Mathew Timmons, Brian Wyse, Stephen Van Dyck, Matias Viegener

Curated by Marco Di Domenico and Henry Hoke

November 18th – 8pm



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